Southpaw ATM covers the costs and you collect the benefits!

We specialize in placing ATM machines in Arkansas based convenience stores, barber shops, restaurants, tattoo parlors, and more. Southpaw ATM offers freestanding machine, which require less than 2 square feet of floor space.

If your business has an old ATM or if you’re unhappy with your current ATM provider, then we would be more than happy to help you transition to one of our ATMs.

Each location will receive the following:

Free Installation and Setup

We deliver and install our ATM at your location at no cost to you.  We will ensure it is secure based on industry standards.

Simple Agreement

We offer each of our locations a contract which doesn’t tie them down.  We offer a six month trial period, which gives our partners the opportunity to see the benefits of our service.  We strive to prove we are reliable, easy to do business with, and loyal to our partners.

Revenue Sharing

Our partners will make a profit on Day 1!  No hassle, no worries.  We handle all the financials, so our partners’ workflow is not interrupted.  Our partners receive a share on every transaction and will be paid at the end each month.

Partner Training and Support

We provide each of our partners with training on operating our machines.  We are always available for phone support.

Cash Loading Service

We handle the loading of cash for our machines, ensuring our machines are never empty.  This also keeps the responsibility off our partners.

Machine Repair and Maintenance

We handle all repairs and maintenance on our machines.  We keep replacement parts on hand, keeping the down-time to a minimum.

ATM Supplies

We provide all our machines with receipt paper at no cost to our partners.

Signage Is Provided

Our partners are provided with free LED signage.  These are placed at the location, informing customers of the availability of an ATM.

24/7 Service

We are notified immediately when the machine has an issue.  Anything from a paper jam, dispenser issues, or connectivity issues.  We are able to resolve these issues before our partners realize there was an issue.

Our Hardware

Other ATM companies place older, used, unattractive machines in their locations.  We offer only modern designed ATM’s, which are ordered new for each location and are kept up-to-date on their software versions.


OptConnect OC-4500

Why Does Your Business Need An ATM?

Revenue Sharing

Partners can receive as much as half the revenue from each transaction.  Revenue sharing is based on transactions made each month.  Surcharge Fee are set between $2 and $3.

Sales Expansion

Customers tend to spend more in our partners’ businesses, if cash is available to withdraw.  Studies show ATM users will spend up to 25% of their withdrawal in the same store the ATM is located.

Reduce Card Fees

As a merchant, each debit/credit card transaction has a fee associated.  The fee is based upon the total ticket price, but even small fees can add up.  Installing an ATM will increase Cash transactions, which will reduce debit/credit card fees.

Customer Retention

Having an ATM in the business helps to keep customers from leaving to acquire cash for their purchases.  This benefits our partners, since they make the cash sale as well as part of the ATM surcharge fee.

Increased Foot Traffic

With a well-advertised ATM, more customers will patronize the location.  This is especially true for partners and their neighbors accept mostly Cash transactions.


Jesse Light is the owner-operator of Southpaw ATM.  He has over five years of experience in the ATM business.  He personally handles the monitoring of all ATM machines, installation, and routine maintenance in Arkansas.

As he continues to learn more about the industry, he is always looking for a new niche that is not being serviced.  He started with locations in gas stations and convenience store, but saw the need for ATM machines in the tattoo parlors and barbershops.


The Parlor Tattoo Shop located at 112 Main St, in the Argenta District of North Little Rock.

The Parlor

Jerry’s Place located at 6729 Heber Springs Rd, in Drasco.

Jerry's Place

Edges Barbershop is located at 6929 JFK Blvd, in North Little Rock

Edges Barbershop


Does the ATM cost me anything?

No, the ATM is completely free.  Southpaw ATM provides the machine at no cost to our partners.  This also includes the installation and maintenance.

Do I have to fill the ATM with cash or make repairs?

No, Southpaw Atm will always handle the maintenance and cash loading.  If there is ever an issue with the machine, it will automatically notify us.  Our partners are always welcome to contact us directly with any issues that occur.

Where will the ATM be placed?  I don’t have the room for one.

The dimensions for our machines are less than 2ft by 2ft.  They can fit almost anywhere.  To get the most benefit from the machine, it should be placed in a highly visible area for your customers.

My company accepts credit/debit cards, is it still worthwhile to place an ATM?

Simply put, YES!  ATM machine are not just a method of providing people with cash.  ATM are also a marketing platform which drives customers to your location.  This increase in foot traffic, leads to an increase in sales.
According to experts in the ATM industry, having a machine on premise can increase retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from an ATM.  For example if a customer withdraws $60, they are likely to spend up to $30 of withdrawal in the business.


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